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Tuesday, 22 July 2003


An interesting example of viral advertising from across the Pond. Nissan is pirating its own advertisements for Nissan Almeiras. Ordinary advertisements for Almeiras are posted but overnight they are seemingly graffitied with, for example, stereo speakers and the address Other adverts are fly-posted and are meant to look like “street art” and Nissan radio adverts are supposedly hijacked by the voice of Electric Moyo (examples here). A visit to the Electric Moyo website reveals that, underneath all the “cool jargon”, it’s all a Nissan publicity stunt. On entering the site, the following message appears:

"Much respect to Nissan for allowing us to use their billboards and radio commercials as works of art, representing the kultcha of Electric MOYO and promoting our message of freedom, access and respect. These works of artistic messaging would not have been possible without Nissan's permission, and as a result our works are more powerful and farther reaching. The message of Electric MOYO is not about vandalism and does not promote it. My message is about harnessing the power of responsible artistic expression with corporate participation to bring about more freedom, access and respect for myself and the people of Electric MOYO."

Nissan’s senior manager for youth and urban communications has been quoted as saying: “We've been looking for innovative ways to communicate with forward-thinking, media-savvy multicultural youth”. This looks a bit like an attempt to get as many buzz-words as possible in a single sentence and I’m not really how the “multicultural youth” will take to a car company pretending to be a cultural collective.

Read more about the story here and here.

The title of this piece is taken from the Electric Moyo site. Need I say more?

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