The subscription service World Trademark Law Report has recently brought news of a colourful little spat in the Portuguese courts between French publishers Les Editions Albert René Sarl and a bar-owner called Madaleno. Albert René, having registered the word mark OBELIX in Portugal for a variety of goods and services, was displeased to discover that Madaleno's business was trading as the Obelix-Bar. The Court of Golegã ruled that the bar infringed the mark, but what was interesting was the question of damages. Normally you can't get trade mark infringement damages in Portugal ― or indeed in most other places ― without showing some evidence of loss. In this case however the court said, in a decision which trade mark owners will welcome, that four years' unauthorised use of the OBELIX trade mark was per se evidence of loss. The level of damages was only around 1,500 euro though.

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