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Tuesday, 26 August 2003


Management and technology consultancy Margaux Matrix has developed an electronic method of measuring the amount of time brand logos are on television, whether in sports sponsorship or product placement. According to Caroline Marshall, writing in today’s Daily Telegraph, the company plans to test launch in October and be up and running by 2004.

In the past, the measurement of brand air-time has been conducted by a person using a stopwatch to count the seconds a logo is on screen. MM’s new technique will instead use image-recognition software. Existing technology can already measure two-dimensional brand images, MM claims, its technology will measure moving and distorted images where only part of the brand is shown (for example a mud-spattered sportsman with a logo on his shirt).

The new software will be useful for event sponsors seeking to monitor how much coverage their names and logos actually receive, as well as for companies who want to know how frequently their branded goods benefit from on-screen product placement. The IPKat says: “the more precise quantification of brand exposure may even lead to a whole new way of calculating sponsorship fees which is based on the sponsor’s actual, not potential, exposure”.

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