The IPKat spotted a couple of stories today about the importance of names to the entities they represent. First an interview in The Daily Telegraph with Henry Stewart, the founder of Happy Computers who has managed to build up a company with a £1.8m turnover from £5,000 start-up funds. Happy Computers, a computer training company, prides itself on “making people feel good about themselves”, be they customers, employees or the members of the wider community. Despite the fact that he was advised not choose such a “silly” name, Steward feels that he has benefited from it, saying: “It has great marketing value and is vital for company culture. You can’t answer the phone in a miserable voice”.

On a similar note, in an op-ed piece in the New York Times the self-named Sparrow (previously known as Michael Gorelick) recounts his experiences of trying to find a name to match his inner self, resulting in ultimate failure because: “This is the problem with names. They can never liberate us, because they take on our personality. It would be best if we could have a new name every day, based on our mood and disposition. Thanks to spam, this is now possible". He welcomes the ability of spammers, who address their offerings to a series of distortions of his name to grant him a new identity every day, matching the way he is feeling.

The IPKat says: “This goes to show the profound effect a name can have corporate and individual culture and wellbeing so careful how you choose yours".

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