Word Spy!, which the IPKat has just discovered via the Trademark Blog, is a website devoted to recently coined words and phrases, old words used in new ways and existing words that have enjoyed a recent renaissance. Word Spy! doesn’t make up its own words and phrases but lists those that appear in newspapers, magazines, books, press releases and websites.

Trade mark owners should check out Word Spy!’s Top Words list and see how their brands are being used. There are currently three trade mark-related phrases in the Top 100: GOOGLE (as in “google bombing”, KOOL-AID (“drink the Kool-Aid”) and CNN (“CNN effect”). Of these three marks, only one -- Google -- is mentioned as a trade mark by Word Spy! itself. Kool-Aid should be particularly concerned, given the negative connotation of "drink the Kool-Aid".

Dying with Kool-Aid? Click here . Dyeing with Kool-Aid? Click here

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