MTV reports that a new screen version of “Catwoman” is to be made for July 2004, with superstar Halle Berry to take the lead role. Says Ms Berry: “now my next job is to sort of dive into it and figure out who I will be as Catwoman. And what can I bring to it that all of the other great ladies of the past maybe forgot to bring? And I hope I'll find something".

Catwoman, who first appeared in the Batman comics back in 1940, has since appeared in her own comic titles, as well as various Batman-related cartoons, TV shows and movies. A costumed jewel thief with the alter-ego of Selina Kyle, Catwoman has been both a nemesis and love interest for the Batcave-dwelling superhero. The current script reportedly involves a new Catwoman named Patience Price who is granted cat-like powers. Batman is not expected to appear.

The IPKat comments: “the fate of Catwoman is that, while the outward trappings of her intellectual property - the trade mark registrations and the copyright - may stay constant, her personality and even her history are made to change. This may be an inevitable consequence of shifts in fashions, consumer demands and social attitudes, but it can also damage goodwill if the new Catwoman fails to meet the expectations of her previous fans and admirers”.

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