Design Week magazine has reported that Kurt Geiger's CARVELA shoe brand has been revamped by corporate identity consultants The Nest. The object of the exercise was to deliver a more "vibrant and feminine" image for CARVELA entry level products. The new look, which hits the streets this October, will be seen on shoes, bags and packaging. Says KG's marketing head Claire Talbot: "We wanted the identity to reflect the collection and make the brand more aspirational". The Nest strategist Freddie Baveystock adds: "The brand was quite unfeminine. This is a real reinvention. It's all about being girly, having fun".

The IPKat observes: "changes in a brand's ethos or identity are not entirely neutral from a legal point of view. For example, where a brand is refocused so as to attract a different sector within the market then the 'average consumer', by reference to whom the trade mark's distinctive character is measured, may also be subject to change".

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