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Sunday, 24 August 2003


The IPKat’s postbag contains a fascinating mixture of contents. Invoices, bills, price lists for trademark and patent filing from here to Timbuktu ― and even the occasional interesting publication. Today’s mail haul contained just one item worthy of attention: volume 29 of the Proceedings of IAPIP, the Hungarian Group of AIPPI, for 2002. Since the meltdown of the Iron Curtain, our Hungarian colleagues have shown themselves to be not merely enthusiastic and erudite colleagues but also indefatigable hosts, as many major IP conferences in Budapest have testified. Of particular note in this volume are Judit Kerény’s paper, “Phamaceutical Patent Litigation”, an account by Endre Millisits on current Hungarian Patent Office practice on lapse of trade marks for non-use and Miklós Sóvári’s comments on a subject not usually tackled in IP circles, “Who Pays the Customs Warehousing Costs?”. Good luck, IAPIP, and keep up the good work.

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Things Hungary is infamous for: click here and here

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