Annanova reports that Raymond Collier, a farmer in Locks Heath, Hampshire has been reported to Fareham Borough Council for playing music to his pigs too loudly. The farmer has said claimed that the tunes calmed the pigs and may have made them grow bigger. Environmental health officers found that the music was not loud enough to constitute a nuisance, although an abatement order was issued to prevent unpleasant odours caused by the build-up of manure and slurry.

The IPKat wonders whether playing music to your pigs counts as performance in public for the purposes of ss.16 and 19 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. The legal feline notes that there’s no definition of what constitutes “the public” in the CDPA so there’s nothing to say that his porcine pals don’t count. Also, is playing music so loudly that your neighbours can hear it (whether they want to or not) classed as public performance?

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