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Wednesday, 13 August 2003


Adbusters Magazine reports that in the wake of Naomi Klein’s No Logo and the overexploitation of hip-hop culture by companies such as Nike, companies are turning to “un-cool” for branding inspiration. Part of the attraction is that “Getting it wrong may now be the safest way of getting it right”, but it also responds to the contemporary rejection of stereotypical conceptions of perfection. However, Adbusters attributes the trend on a desire for a more innocent less branded age, saying: “The growing universality of un-cool/nu-cool is more than a new twist on irony. It’s also a nostalgia for the carefree days before teens fell victim to their own hyper self-consciousness.” The bad news for trade mark lawyers is this manifests itself as “a backlash against the brand”. However, a side-effect has been the resurgence of less up-to-the-minute brands such as Babycham and Pringle.

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