Wooster Collective draws attention to a graffiti mural that has appeared in SoHo, New York, publicising Jennifer Lopez’s fragrance, Glow. It is the work of TatsCru, a collective of graffiti and mural artists who employ “graffiti mural art as commercially viable art form and markets customized aeresol art to businesses” [sic]. TatsCru has an impressive list of clients including Coca Cola, Reebok and House of Seagrams (makers of inter alia, Chiva Regal).

The IPKat says: “This could be an effective way of bringing a brand onto the streets and causing it to become engrained in the everyday environment of the community. At the same time, this approach could backfire, as can be seen from the comments on the Wooster Collective site, condemning TatsCru for ‘selling out.’ Such negative feelings don’t just reflect badly on the artists – they can also rub off on the brand-owners who commission them and could be accused of commercialising an art-form that relies on subversiveness for its authenticity.”

Graffiti not your style? Join a more suitable cru here, here, or here

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