Another twist to the self-parody issue. Ford have launched a website in the manner of one that would be used during a film launch reporting on the antisocial activities of the “evil twin” of the Ford Ka, the Ford SportKa. The IPKat wonders: “if the courts accept that a company that tarnishes its own mark cannot complain of tarnishment when other parties make similar use of the company’s mark, will the courts still allow such an estoppel argument to succeed when the mark-owner’s use is ironic, as Ford’s is here? After all, certain courts have not shown themselves to be particularly good at recognising irony in more traditional dilution cases.”

In trouble? Don’t worry – just blame your evil twin
Help for twins here
Personal interest: my doppelganger, Ilana Simon, (who I’m not suggesting is evil!) writes cookery books and is responsible for such classics as 125 Best Fondue Recipes and 125 Best Ground Meat Recipes

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