Sports activities are (at least in theory) clean and wholesome and alcohol is harmful and sordid (at least when taken in excess). This is why it makes sense for owners of alcohol brands to give their products an uplift by sponsoring football teams. If you believe that the sight of a team of obviously healthy footballers running round for 90 minutes with beer brands on their shirts might encourage an impressionable supporter to drink the sponsoring brew, it is logical to regulate or indeed prohibit the display of beer brands on team kit. The IPKat's riddle is this: in what circumstances may a ban on displaying beer brands on sports equipment be exercised in such a manner as to prevent the display of the name of even a non-alcoholic product? A small prize is offered to the first person to post the correct answer below.

THE IPKAT RIDDLE NO. 5 <strong>THE IPKAT RIDDLE NO. 5</strong> Reviewed by Jeremy and Ilanah on Tuesday, September 23, 2003 Rating: 5

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