The IPKat is intrigued and frustrated in equal measure by the UK Trade Marks Registry Hearing Officer’s decision in James Gilbert Ltd’s Trade Mark Application. The application, which was refused for lack of distinctiveness, seems to have consisted of a pattern for games, footballs and sporting articles. More than this is not revealed. What is particularly unhelpful is that the pattern is not depicted graphically on the version of the decision that appears on the Patent Office’s website. The document goes under the uninformative moniker “Form only mark (three dimensional)” and although it contains two appendices which are meant to depict the pattern, these are blank.

The IPKat wonders what the point of posting such a decision is. If readers can’t tell what the mark at issue is, how can it help them in their future decision making?

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IPKAT RANT: THE PERILS OF INVISIBILITY <strong>IPKAT RANT: THE PERILS OF INVISIBILITY</strong> Reviewed by Unknown on Tuesday, October 07, 2003 Rating: 5

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