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Tuesday, 14 October 2003


The BBC reports that the Beatles are not planning to place their back-catalogue of songs on any of the “legitimate” licensed online music websites. The reason for this decision, taken by the band’s record label, Apple Corps, is unclear. Neither the label nor the Beatles’ publisher EMI profess to know the reason and the Apple Corps spokesman has said, rather improbably: “I do not think there is any reason for it at all”.

The IPKat wonders whether this is an implicit message from the Beatles that they are not bothered by unauthorised downloading of their music from unlicensed sites, that regardless of whether or not they object to such downloads they are acknowledging that they can’t realistically put a stop to them or, more likely, they are trying to make time stand still and are attempting to cling on to CD sales of their music. Whatever the reason is, this will leave a giant hole in the range of music make available by authorised music downloading sites.

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