The New York Times reports that RIAA is about to launch a second wave of lawsuits against suspected music downloaders. This time however, letters have been sent out before the suits are filed, warning those who are due to be sued of this fact. RIAA President Cary Sherman has said that the aim of the warning letters is to enable those on the receiving end to negotiate a solution without going to court, adding:

"Our objective here is not to win lawsuits — it is to foster a business environment where legal online music services and bricks-and-mortar retail stores can flourish.”

The IPKat welcomes such an approach as long as (i) genuine efforts are made by RIAA to negotiate with the recipients of such letters and (ii) the letters are sent to people who are credibly downloaders. However, the IPKat will be disappointed if it transpires that this is just an attempt to get double the publicity for RIAA’s action against downloaders – one round of media coverage when the letters are sent out and a second round when papers are actually filed with the courts.

Inspired by RIAA’s example? Get to grips with letter-writing here, here, here and here

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