Population control in China is likely to remain a problem if the patent application filed in 1994 by Hao Hongfeng is anything to go by. According to the abstract, his invention is for an “external-use type anticonceptive drug” made of “traditional Chinese medicinal pregnancy-proof incense”. The invention, which can be made in the form of powder and emulsion, is either inhaled or spread on the Jenchung acupoint (the midline of the nasal philtrum, one third of the way from the nose to the edge of the upper lip) or the belly-button, it can “attain the goal of birth control”. The good news is that this medicine has no toxic side-effect. The bad news is that it has a success rate of only 92%.

The IPKat, noting the steps that WIPO is currently taking to protect folklore and traditional knowledge, wonders if steps will also have to be taken to protect us against the effects of such knowledge.

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