The November issue of Sweet & Maxwell’s European Trade Mark Reports , slightly delayed by postal strikes in London, is now reaching readers. Cases now available in English for the first time are

Christian Dior v Makro (Court of Appeal, Madrid), where the sale of luxury perfumes such as POISON and CHRISTIAN DIOR in an out-of-town site alongside dog food and pork bellies was held to infringe those trade marks;
Boehringer Ingelheim v MTK Pharma (Hanseatisches Oberlandesgericht, Germany), where MTK wasn’t able to argue that it was necessary to repackage CATAPRESAN blood pressure products after it was shown that other parallel traders had succeeded in reselling it without the need for repackaging;

If you know of any European trade mark case which you’d like to see reported in the ETMR, please email us and let us know.
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