The New York Times reports on the growing apprehensiveness towards camera phones. The fear is that they will be used to invade the privacy of unsuspecting members of the public through the taking of unsolicited photographs. Chicago City Council is to vote on the 17th as to whether to ban such phones from public bathrooms, locker rooms and showers. Other areas have successfully taken similar measures, some even going as far as banning all mobile phones from changing rooms, the argument being, why would a person need a phone in those areas and that public safety should come first.

The IPKat states that while the pictures created by camera phones are no more invasive than any other pictures, the small size of camera phones, the speed that pictures can be disseminated and the fact that people carry them with them the whole time means that they could be a serious threat to privacy. However, the IPKat notes that the picture quality on such phones may not be as good as conventional photos.

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