The Daily Telegraph reports that London's Metropolitan Police, inspired by the success particularly of American forces, is considering launching a new line of clothing and gift items under the NSY brand (named after its headquarters, New Scotland Yard) and the Metropolitan Police crest. The funds raised will help foot the bill (pun definitely intended) for London's policing costs. Keith Luck, the Metropolitan Police's director of resources,feels that the goods will be popular with tourists, though there may be a market for smaller items amongst UK-based consumers. "Having an NSY shop in the departure lounge at Heathrow is not unforeseeable" said Mr Luck. However, proper police uniforms and equipment will not be sold.

The IPKat commends the Met on its initiative. How could it fail, if the Met has Luck in policing the use of it mark (puns definitely intended). Our feline friend, naughty kitty that he is, suggests in jest that the use of the term may be geographically descriptive or, if the goods are not made by multi-talented bobbies and the Yard, deceptive

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