There was an interesting feature in yesterday’s Daily Telegraph about British fruit. The Environment Agency is seeking to rescue some of the less well-known British fruit varieties from extinction. Some of these rare strains have quaint and romantic names such as the Gilliflower dessert apple, the Port Wine Pippin and the Arlingham Schoolboys. Others have unsavoury names such as the Hens' Turds apple, Bloody Bastard pears and the Shit Smock plum, which may have caused consumers some embarrassment in the course of shopping for them.

The IPKat commends the Environment Agency for its diligence, but notes that the resurrection of the use of those fruits’ names may reduce the range of availability of names available for registration as trade marks. It should not be assumed that such terms, when applied to fruit, are automatically unregistrable as being contrary to morality just because they happen to be offensive.

Other strange apples: the apple of discord, the apple of one’s eye, the apple of desire, Snow White’s apple and The Big Apple

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