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Sunday, 18 January 2004


Further to the IPKat’s blog of 11 January (“Ex-Beatle’s Physician Pursued from Beyond the Grave”), it has now been revealed that Gilbert Lederman, the doctor accused of forcing George Harrison to autograph a guitar as the former Beatle lay dying, has agreed to dispose of the guitar. The settlement was reached after two days of talks between lawyers for Harrison's family and for the doctor. Under terms of the settlement, the Harrison family will give Lederman's son a replacement guitar and drop the lawsuit. The signed guitar and the autographs "will be disposed of privately", the lawyers' statement said. The Harrison family had previously sought to obtain the guitar and autographs and had rejected the doctor's offer to donate the instrument to charity. According to the statement, the settlement was not an admission of wrongdoing on anyone's part.

The IPKat wonders whether the settlement includes provisions restricting the Lederman family's ability to use the name "George Harrison" in talking up the price of its replacement guitar.

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