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Tuesday, 24 February 2004


Professor Ruth Soetendorp of Bournemouth Centre for Intellectual Property Policy & Management has kindly sent this dispatch to the IPKat:

"The Guardian reported last Thursday the sad decline of Kit Kat as the leading light of the UK confectionery market. Kit Kat made its own contribution to intellectual property valuation history. The Kit Kat trade mark was the main incentive in 1989 for Nestle's successful endeavours to take over the well respected confectioners, Rowntree of York. Thereafter, accountants would find it increasingly difficult to ignore the value of a thriving brand on the balance sheet. Kit Kat's contribution to the English language has been the well known phrase 'Have a break ... have a Kit Kat'. And Kit Kat's contribution to trade mark law comes from Nestle's continuing attempt to register 'Have a break' as a trade mark, independent of 'Have a Kit Kat'. Is this prescience on Nestle's part? Are they hoping to secure 'Have a break', before they ditch Kit Kat, in order to use it in connection with a more 21st century product?"

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