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Wednesday, 10 March 2004


Ther IPKat has already given space to the scrap between legendary track star David Bedford and The Number Company over the use of two unlicensed Bedford lookalikes in The Number Company's adverts for its 118 118 telephone directory enquiries (DQ) service (see previous blog of 18 January). Now the Register reports that Bedford has got the better of his foes by turning out to endorse the DQ service of The Number Company's rival BT. Bedford's passing off action against The Number Company is expected to be heard this year.

The IPKat thinks Bedford's stunt in endorsing BT's DQ service was pretty cool, but pauses to ponder. The Number Company might argue that it was only because they so extensively used Bedford's image, thus earning both itself and Bedford a good deal of publicity, that gave a faded name from the past a fresh lease of commercial life. If this can be shown, what would be the true measure compensatory passing off damages that Bedford could claim?

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