Thanks to Piter de Weerd for drawing the attention of the IPKat to an article in the Royal Gazette reporting that half of the 37,000 registered trademarks in Bermuda have been lost from the computerised Trademark Registry following a crash. Although there was a back-up copy available, this failed to work because of earlier configuration changes to the system. The missing marks are now being inputted to the computer system by hand from the hard-copy register. The process is expected to last up to two weeks, and in the meantime, new marks cannot be registered and searches for conflicting marks cannot be made. This is highly inconvenient for a jurisdiction which is trying to market itself as a leading e-business and IP centre.

The IPKat says that trade marks aren’t the first things to go missing in Bermuda. When something’s important, make a backup copy and when it’s really, really important, make two!

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