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Thursday, 25 March 2004


Ananova reports that the Scottish village of Lonmay, which says it's the ancestral home of Elvis Presley, has been told by Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc, Graceland, that it can't use the late singer's name because they object to any unauthorised use of their trade marks. Local Scottish Parliament member Stewart Stevenson has criticised Graceland's jackboot tactics: "They should be flattered to be linked to Scotland. I am sure whatever they try to do, we will see people coming from America and all over the world to see where the great man came from. This is a gross over-reaction and if Graceland have a look at the situation they will realise we are a little bit off taking over their mantle".

The IPKat wonders how Elvis manages to retain his popularity in the UK notwithstanding the heavy-handed policies of his Estate.

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