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Tuesday, 9 March 2004


The BBC reports that Diageo has agreed with the Scotch Whisky Association to stop selling Cardhu Pure Malt, a whisky containing a mixture of whiskies from more that one distillery. In future it will stick to producing Cardhu Single Malt, which contains only whisky distilled at the Cardhu distillery. Diageo has decided that in future, only single malts (i.e. whiskies from a single source) will be sold under the names of distilleries. Diageo was heavily criticised by fellow distillers and whisky-lovers alike when it decided to sell a blended whisky from various distilleries under the name Cardhu Pure Malt, after demand for the single malt outstripped supply (see IPKat 28 October 2003 and 8 December 2003 )

The IPKat says that the name of a single malt is a relatively uncommon example of a trade mark which (i) is geographically descriptive and (ii) doesn't just guarantee that the goods sold under itare of consistent quality but also guarantees that those goods come from one specific source.

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