The BBC reports that Barbara Streisand has lost her privacy suit against Kenneth Adelmann, a retired software engineer, and must now pay his expenses. Ms Streisand had sued Mr Adelmann for $10million after he posted aerial photographs of Streisand’s Malibu mansion on a conservation website. Adelamann has said that he was posting the photographs as part of a complete photographic record of the Californian coastline and that, since Streisand’s house was on the coast, it was part of the project. Her fame, he argued, did not entitle her to special treatment. Streisand however claimed that her safety was put at risk since the pictures, which showed details of her estate that could not be seen from the street, could worsen an already existing problem with stalkers.

While the IPKat acknowledges that conservation projects and the like can be important and celebrities should not be entitled to put a stop to them just because their property is involved, he feels that there is a good reason for according celebrities special treatment where their safety is at risk.

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