The BBC reports that 18 file-sharers have settled litigation out of court with the IFPI. The group of 17 Danes and one German are part of the first wave of 200 song swappers against whom the IFPI launched legal actions this March. Meanwhile, litigation against other individuals is pending in Italy, Denmark and Canada. The IFPI also announced that it has begun proceedings against other file-sharers this week. The IFPI also claimed that there has been a 30% drop in illegal file-sharing since this time last year and has claimed that it vindicates its course of action. Said its chairman, Jay Berman:
"Today's results show that litigation, combined with the rollout of new legal online music services, is having a real impact on people's attitudes to illegal file-sharing".
The IPKat notes that as well as saving defendants from the expense and hassle of court proceedings, out of court settlements avoid any potentially unfavourable precendents for IPR holders.

Compromises here and here
No compromise here
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