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Friday, 23 July 2004


The IPKat is grateful to the BBC for giving him the chance to combine two of his greatest passions: intellectual property and ice-cream, for this year marks the hundredth year of the ice-cream cone. The story goes that it was first served in the St Louis World’s Fair in summer 1904. However, there’s a good old IP controversy to go with your Ninety-Nine. It seems that Italo Marchiony was granted a US patent the year before for an invention that was related “to molding apparatus, and particularly such molding apparatus as is used in the manufacture of ice-cream cups and the like." He used waffles in the molds because people failed to return his cups. Even earlier, in 1902, an English patent was granted for “Apparatus for Baking Biscuit Cups for Ice Cream." However, some have argued that the beginnings of the cone can be traced to the early 19th Century.

The thought of IP protected ice-cream will enhance the IPKat’s enjoyment of the delectable confection even more.

Ice cream cone history here, here and here

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