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Tuesday, 6 July 2004


According to the minutes of the meeting of the Registration Practice Working Group of the Trade Mark Registry, during the last financial year, domestic demand for trade marks was 3% below the previous financial year and Madrid ( International ) filings increased by 2%.
However, during April and May of this year, domestic filings were equal to the same period last year whilst Madrid filings have fallen by 16%. However, in Sweden there was a 20% increase in domestic filings in 2004 ( Madrid slightly down ), while Denmark is forecasting a 13% increase in domestic filings in 2004 and Germany there has been an 8% increase in domestic filings. OHIM meanwhile is reporting an increase in filings ( 14000 applications in the first quarter of 2004 ). According to the minutes, none of the offices can offer a reason for this upsurge. Can any of the IPKat’s readers offer an explanation?
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