This from Ananova: New York subway users could soon be riding to Sony Times Square or Nike Grand Central, if sponsorship plans currently being considered are implemented. IOL, quoting the New York Times, says the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is not ruling out station sponsorship as it asks marketing companies to develop sponsorship opportunities. Executive director Katherine Lapp said:
"It's our job to figure out other ways to add revenue. Every dollar we get from these types of sources is one dollar more we don't have to take in fares or tolls."
But reactions to the idea have been varied. East Village resident Wesley Hatan told the paper:
"They'll get us used to branded subways, and next will be 'the Statue of Liberty, brought to you by Microsoft'."
The IPKat is not surprised at this branding idea. New York's subways have been covered in copyright-protected graffiti for long enough; it's time they exploited brands and trade marks too.

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