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Thursday, 12 August 2004


The BBC reports that Microsoft is planning to launch a cheaper, slimmed down version of its XP operating system, dubbed “XP Lite”. The programme, which will have lower resolution graphics and limited options for networking computers together and can only run 3 programmes at once, is an attempt to deter those who find full XP too expensive from buying pirated copies and to prevent the much cheaper Linux from getting the upper hand in the Asian market. XP Lite is due to be issued in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and two other undisclosed Asian countries.

The IPKat sees trouble ahead. He imagines that there will be many Windows users in developed countries that would welcome a cheaper XP package, even if it means sacrificing a degree of functionality. He guesses that Microsoft will have installed some sort of DRM measures to prevent the software from being used in developing countries and thinks it’ll only be a matter of time become someone attempts to decrypt it, which will make Microsoft very, very angry.

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