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Monday, 27 September 2004


The IPKat's postbag this weekend included an inspection copy of issue 2 of China Intellectual Property. Subtitled a 'Comprehensive IP Report on China', this attractively colourful and quite imposing periodical contains articles in both Chinese (left hand side) and English (on the right). This title is published out of Beijing by Hurrymedia.

Subjects featured in this issue include the fate of VIAGRA in China, problems relating to the protection of famous trade marks, Sino-EU cooperation in strengthening copyright protection, infringement liability for software end-users and an interview with Bradley Yu (Unitalen attorneys at Law).

The IPKat gives Hurrymedia full marks for the company's commendable enthusiasm and enterprise but adds that, if he were to shell out more than US$150 for an annual subscription, he would prefer a higher degree of attention on the part of the publisher to the finer points of English grammar and punctuation, to prevent the contents becoming a Chinese puzzle for English readers.

Chinese puzzles here, here and here

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