A report on the BBC suggests that the end may be in sight in the trade mark battle between Apple Corporation – the computer and iPod company and Apple Music, the Beatles’ record label. According to the report the two companies may be ready to settle, although they deny it. Part of the rumoured deal is that in return for a payment that would probably be upwards of $15million, Apple will have the exclusive right to offer Beatles music downloads for 6 months. The piece takes an unexpected turn though and condemns the fact that this is the third time die-hard Beatle fans will need to pay to get the same music – the first being on LP, the second on CD. The writer calls for the band to make their music available under a Creative Commons licence instead.

The IPKat can’t quite see the Beatles agreeing to the writer’s proposal. He thinks it’s a bit rum though that Apple appears to be getting a benefit for what could be wrongdoing by getting first refusal on the Beatles’ tracks.

More unions of apples and beetles here
APPLE v APPLE - IS A SETTLEMENT IN SIGHT? APPLE v APPLE - IS A SETTLEMENT IN SIGHT? Reviewed by Unknown on Monday, September 27, 2004 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

I have long thought Bill Thompson a bit of a prat. Each article seems to add a little more weight to that opinion. This latest is no exception.

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