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Sunday, 26 September 2004


The October 2004 issue of Sweet & Maxwell's European Trade Mark Reports has now been published. It contains, among other cases, the texts of three judgments now made available in English:

* Deutsche Telekom AG v Mobilcom (Bundesgerichtshof, Germany): an action for infringement of a trade mark consisting of the colour magenta. In this decision the court reviews the proper scope of injunctive relief for infringement of such a mark.

* Intel Corp v Bertus Marinus De Heer and De Heer & Co Software BV (District Court of Dordrecht, The Netherlands): whether the defendant's IntellAct trade mark for medical computer software infringed the claimant's well known INTEL mark.

* Berlag Aenne Burda GmbH & Co v Estonian Patent Office (Administrative Court of Tallinn, Estonia): where two trade marks include the word ANNA, but one is for goods and the other for services, can it be established that goods and services are actually similar to one another?

If you know of any recent European trade mark case that you would like to see reported in the ETMR, please tell the IPKat.

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