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Wednesday, 1 September 2004


The Register, citing the Romanian tabloid newspaper Libertatea as its source, reports that a Jedi Academy has been opened in Romania. The academy is reported to be the brainchild of Adrian Pavel, one of the founders of Romania's Star Wars Club — which now numbers 1,000 members and encompasses journalists, doctors, management, academics, lawyers and even politicians.

The IPKat’s grasp of Romanian is none too good, but he notes that the club’s website bears a copyright notice which reads

“Copyright © 2003 - 2004 Club STAR WARS Romania. Toate drepturile rezervate” (“All rights reserved”).

If the club and its attendant website are the products of rebellion against the Star Wars commercial empire, there will doubtless be continued news value in the club’s launch, culminating with it being closed down for copyright infringement, trade mark infringement or unfair competition. If however it is simply yet another a licensed spin-off, he wonders where the news value of this item lies.

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