Brandchannel carries a feature on once-popular brands that lose relevance, only to become popular once again.
One of the main forces behind the second burst of life for such brands is nostalgia, with the relaunch of 1950s Ford Thunderbirds, Coca-Cola model coolers and various old-style chocolate bars being cases in point. Two examples of recent relauches are Atari for computer games and Iridium, a phone system developed by Motorola, which both hit a low round about five years ago.

The IPKat says that such brand resurrections could have trade mark implications.

Registered trade marks are liable to be revoked for non-use but the IPKat doesn’t think that the time period in which a mark must be used to avoid revocation takes into account the possibility that marks may be successfully resurrected. Passing off on the other hand is prepared to protect such marks for as long as good will subsists in them.

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