Sweet & Maxwell has recently been conducting a "fire sale", with some very respectable titles available at substantially reduced prices (though that's not to say they're cheap: law books never are!). Among the titles that caught the IPKat's eye are

* Free Movement of Goods in the European Community, by Peter Oliver (assisted by Malcolm Jarvis). This book, published only last year, combines a scholarly approach to this highly IP-sensitive subject with a view to the needs of practitioners and their clients. Peter Oliver, as Legal Adviser to the European Commission, is an an ideal position to gauge the way the wind blows when it comes to Brussels policy-making, while barrister Malcolm Jarvis has a commercial and competition practice that focuses heavily on the movement of goods in general. It has long puzzled the IPKat that this book, now in its fourth edition, has not been as widely used by the IP fraternity as it might have been, particularly since the competition lawyer's perspective on "exhaustion of rights" is one which we IP enthusiasts need frequently to be reminded of.

* Terrell on the Law of Patents, by Simon Thorley QC, Richard Miller, Guy Burkill and Colin Birss (15th edition, 2000). This edition is shortly to be superseded (in March 2005) by a fresh edition which will, it is assumed, be encompassing the amendments made by the Patents Act 2004 and the two recent House of Lords decisions in Sabaf and Kirin-Amgen. Nonetheless, for those who have not yet got it but who want to complete their set of Terrells, the 15th edition may still hold attractions. Under the stewardship of preeminent patent counsel Simon Thorley and his team, this book is a great improvement on those earlier editions which, to many of us, seemed to consist largely of paraphrases of the legislation spiced with the occasional delphic utterance.

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