The October issue of Butterworths' Intellectual Property & Technology Cases has now reached the IPKat's busy desk. Cases reported in this issue include

* Case T-16/02 Audi AG v OHIM (Court of First Instance): ruling on distinctiveness of the TDI trade mark which also considers whether OHIM Board of Appeal rulings can be impugned on the basis of facts that were not relied on in the course of Office procedures.

* Halifax plc v Halifax Repossessions Ltd (Court of Appeal): on whether a trial judge has power to order a company to change its name, in the absence of a special resolution under the Companies Act 1985.

* Hays & Robertson plc v Kangol Ltd (Court of Appeal): on whether a termination clause in a trade mark licence could be rendered ineffective by the licensee making a late payment under the licence.

The IPKat reckons that IP&T is a pretty good option for lawyers who like their case law in the form of hard copy and who don't want to subscribe to more than one set of specialist law reports -- but this series will never really catch on till it gets cited in reported cases as often as its main rivals, Sweet & Maxwell's Fleet Street Reports and Reports of Patent Cases.
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