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Thursday, 18 November 2004


The IPKat's friend Darren Smyth has drawn his attention to the following announcement by the European Patent Office:

European Patent Office recognises same-sex marriage whenever validly contracted in one of the member states

Munich, 17 November 2004 - The European Patent Organisation has come to a conclusion on the recognition of same-sex marriage whenever validly contracted in one of the member states.

In view of the difficulties inherent in this issue, the European Patent Office saw a need to initiate a consultation process with its member states. “On 28 October, EPO President Alain Pompidou received the position of the member states. The consultation process was already welcomed by the delegations", said Roland Grossenbacher, Chairman of the EPO's Administrative Council, its governing body.

The Administrative Council had urged the European Patent Office to treat same-sex marriages that have been validly contracted in one of the member states in the same way as it does heterosexual marriages.

The Office has committed itself, when interpreting the Service Regulations, to adopt the view expressed by the Administrative Council as soon as possible.
What does this recognition by the EPO mean? Do same-sex marriages that are recognised by the EPO have to be recognised by the Patent Offices of European Patent Convention Member States? Readers are left to draw their own conclusions.

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