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Thursday, 11 November 2004


Controversy hits OHIM. Oreste Montalto applied for a position as the president of a new department at OHIM composed of the appeal chambers, scientific services and stenographic services. There were 100 applicants for the position, including the claimant, Oreste Montalto. Although M. Montalto made it to the shortlist, he was not one of the final 3 considered by the OHIM Administrative Council and approved by the Council of Ministers. The decision of who should be in the final 3 was taken by Mercuri Urval A/S, an external recruitment agency.

M. Montalto challenged the way the competition for the vacancy was run before the CFI alleging:

1. non-respect of the official selection procedure
2. violation of the principle of equal treatment and
3. insufficient reasons were given

Although M. Montalto did not win the entirety of his case, the decision of the Council of Ministers nominating the president of the new department was annulled.

The IPKat apologises for this rather sketchy nature of this post. However, the decision is only available in French at the moment. He wishes to thank Daphne Zografos of QMIPRI for her help in understanding this case.

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