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Monday, 1 November 2004


A second free sample of Informa's ten-times-a-year publication Copyright World has just reached the IPKat. It contains "Pieces of History", a scholarly account by Dr Fouad Makeen of the part played by the Universal Copyright Convention (UCC) in the shifting of protection paradigms towards the higher protection norms of the Berne Convention -- leaving us to ponder whether the UCC is a burnt-out, obsolete piece of international legislation that is of no further use to man nor mouse, or whether it might yet have some useful function to perform. Other features in this issue include an article on the protection of fonts ("the Cinderella of the software world") by Dr Stephen Cosby, plus case notes on the copyright-in-new-editions-of-old-works case of Sawkins v Hyperion and on the US file-swapping decision in MGM v Grokster (now the subject of a petition of certiorari to the Supreme Court).

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