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Thursday, 25 November 2004


It is a mere month until Christmas and an IPKat reader has sent the IPKat a couple of ditties that combine the festive spirit with IP awareness.

Is it time (he asks) to think of case reports via the medium of Christmas carols?
eg.. to the tune of 'Silent Night'

"Henkel's fight
Shape of white
reminiscent of a kite
Like detergent tab
OHIM said no
Inherent distinctiveness Henkel did show
Shaped like crystal it won...
Shaped like crystal it won..."
Or, to the tune of 'We three kings':
"We three heads of Remington are
Philips shape we stole from afar
High Court law suits
Trade mark pursuits
over exclusionary bar..."
"Justice Rimer found the shape functional,
they can't escape small additions non-essential
Philips have lost trade mark rights..."
The IPKat says, start practising now and you too can impress your friends and loved ones.


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