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Friday, 26 November 2004


Well, with the help of the IPKat you can. He's come across this nifty page on the UK Patent Office website that lists the IP appeals and references that have been made to the ECJ and the various deadlines which apply. Amongst the gems are:

  • Boehringer Ingelheim (parallel imports and relabelling - yes, another one)
  • Picasso v OHIM (does the fact that the mark corresponds to the name of a famous person make confusion less likely?)
  • Eurocermex (registrability of the shape of a long-necked bottle with a wedge of lime - or green lemon as some stick-in-the muds prefer to call it - as a trade mark. Watch out for the case note on the CFI stage of this case by Jeremy in the December 2004 EIPR)
  • Detsche SiSi (registrability of the shape of a pouch to contain liquid)
  • Elizabeth Emanuel (consequences for a trade mark when a business named after the original proprietor is transferred - is the trade mark deceptive as a result?)

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