The BBC reports that London-based Privacy International has called for camera phones to come fitted with a default flash, amidst privacy concerns. The watchdog points to the fact that the phones make it easier for cover pictures to be taken, though it is calling for regulation rather than a complete ban on the phones. Says PI's Director, Simon Davies:
“The misuse of phone cameras is becoming a real threat to privacy. Unless action is taken immediately there is a risk that social intimacy will disappear within a decade."

However, phone companies have argued that their phones pose no more threat than other technology that allows hidden pictures to be taken, such as camera keyrings.

The IPKat is licking his chops at the thought of all the lovely privacy/breach of confidence that the use of camera phones could lead to. He wonder though, by the time the flash has gone off, won’t it be too late to stop the photo being taken?

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