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Tuesday, 14 December 2004


Ananova brings more news of artistic curiosities, from Chile. This item features artist Sebastian Mahaluf, who has wrapped three floors of the Centro Cultural Espana museum with 8500 metres of elastic ribbon in Chile's captain Santiago. The ribbons cross the middle of each floor several times, entering every window and creating the illusion of the sunlight coming in. Professional climbers were used to wrap the ribbons outside the building. Mr Mahaluf told Chilean newspaperLas Ultimas Noticias:

"This work is very much dependent on people´s individual observation because it cannot be seen as a whole, one can only observe bits of it at different times".
The IPKat wonders not only whether this "work" is an artistic work that is entitled to copyright protection in terms of the Berne Convention, as well as whether the use of the same notion inside a different building could constitute an act of copyright infringement. Merpel thinks it sounds more like a giant cat's cradle and wants to know if she can play with it.

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