arcelona and Brazil sharp-shooting football star Ronaldinho has secured the right to the domain name, according to an article in The Register. The article observes that Ronaldinho Gaucho's real name is actually Ronaldo de Assis Moreira (the former being his professional name), but he won his case before a WIPO arbitrator because he met all the criteria for the domain to be handed over.

* First, unlike most situations in which famous people have been handed domain names, his agent has applied for the registration of 11 trade marks for the name Ronaldinho Gaucho as long ago as February 2000. Ronaldinho has a clear interest in the name since he has numerous sponsorship deal with, among others, Nike, Pepsi and Electronic Arts.

Ronaldinho: WIPO referee rules him onside in domain name dispute

* Second, C. D. Webb, the person who registered the domain, clearly did so knowing who Ronaldinho was because the domain was only registered in July this year, nearly a year after he'd joined one of the most high-profile soccer clubs in the world - FC Barcelona - and after he'd picked up a World Cup winners' medal for Brazil. The site, as was, sold links to other sites with Ronaldinho-related content, as well as the usual gambling sites.

The IPKat notes that the WIPO domain-name resolution system is described as "trade mark friendly". That's not surprising, since the vast majority of applications that it processes are made against worthless parasites who merely seek to milk the reputation of others for their own gain.

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