A number of items of intellectual property interest appear in today’s Times:

* A letter from Ron Marchant, Chief Executive of the UK Patent Office, who defends the UK patent system against attacks that it is inefficient. Mr Marchant, while acknowledging that relevant documents concerning the prior art are not always found, points to the fact that the Office’s management system has been ISO accredited. He confirms the Patent Office’s commitment to overseeing “accessible and enforceable rights at reasonable cost — and accurate information on which to base their patent strategies and build businesses”.

* News
that members of ITMA have been granted the right to appear before the High Court and county court in trade mark, design and passing off cases from April. The IPKat wishes them luck.

* A Who’s Who supplement entitled “Great Minds”. A number of judges are included, but no IP judges. The IPKat thinks there must have been some sort of mistake…

The IPKat always looks forward to Tuesdays because Tuesday is law day in the Times.

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