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Wednesday, 19 January 2005


The November-December issue of The Trademark Reporter has reached these shores and the IPKat’s paws and is packed with goodies such as:
* a comparison of trade mark dilution law in the EU and US by renowned US expert J Thomas McCarthy (full text of article available here)
* a discussion of the relationship between trade mark protection for the configuration (trade dress) of goods and the need for competition on the market by Jerre B Swann and Michael J Tarr
* a piece on where there is a need for a separate right of publicity in the US by Barbara A Solmon
* a paper on the role of inference in establishing the state of mind of consumers when looking for the likelihood of confusion by William E Gallagher and Ronald C Goodstein PhD

Musical instruments: the next battleground for trade dress?
* a consideration of trade dress rights in musical instruments (with lots of lovely pictures!) by Robert M Kunstadt and Ilaria Maggioni
* a discussion of proof of irreparable harm in Canadian practice by Ruth M Corbin PhD
* a discussion of German comparative advertising by Andrea Lensing-Kramer and Peter Ruess
* discussion of Jerome Gilson’s proposal for various amendments to the Lanham Trade Mark Act by Keith M Stolte and a response by Jerome Gilson
* discussion of Dr John Liefield’s proposals regarding survey evidence of consumer confusion by A David Morrow and Ruth M Corbin and a response by John Liefeld

The IPKat says, it might take you until next Christmas to read all of these, but at least you’ll have fun in the process.

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